After being defeated and pushed out of the digitzing stream by Jet (both for his safety and theirs, as their corrupted state would have killed them in the real world), they are stored in a hard drive so Alan can fix their code. He was written by Alan Bradley (also played by Boxleitner) as a security program to monitor the Master Control Program.

He teamed with Quorra in trying to stop Clu 2 from taking over the grid but was derezzed saving her from falling debris.

Unlike the Bit, the Byte is able to speak in full English sentences. After a fierce disc battle, Sark suffered a mortal blow from Tron that was so powerful the Commander's own disk was split in two trying to block the shot.

He started out as a friend and member of Tron's security force. The last remaining ISO is Quorra, saved by Flynn and sent to the real world with Sam. He looked forward to playing the gladiator games when he had the chance.
In the second film, she is a confidante to Kevin Flynn, who saved her from Clu 2's purge of the ISOs. Tesler has the ability to stressed out his arms and derezzed anyone or anything with his hands, he's shown to dislike Dyson and fearing failure to Clu should the Renegade free Argon and the Grid. His son Ed Dillinger, Jr. appears in the beginning of Tron: Legacy in a minor role, portrayed by an uncredited Cillian Murphy. He oversaw the training of new programs kidnapped and brought to the Game Grid by the MCP, and was known to enter the games himself from time to time. After a fierce disc battle, Sark suffered a mortal blow from Tron that was so powerful the Commander's own disk was split in two trying to block the shot. Ma3a carries many of Lora's personality traits and even sounds like her (Cindy Morgan also played Yori in TRON). He was a merciless and evil program, willing to do anything that pleased the MCP. Bartok is a basic program, leader of a rebel faction in TRON City, played by Conrad Coates. The Kernel is a security program commanding the system's ICPs. After Jarvis fails to prevent Sam Flynn from taking back his father's disc, Clu 2 derezzes him. Rinzler is named after Lucasfilm Executive Editor, J.W. He was written by Ed Dillinger, and became the commander of the MCP's army and overseer of the games fought on the Game Grid. Each features approximately 16 points of articulation and interchangeable disc accessories and effects, as well as a piece of a buildable recognized vehicle! Jarvis is an administration program who serves as Clu 2's chief bureaucrat, played by James Frain. For the first film, Richard Rickitt explains that to "produce the characters who inhabit the computer world, actors were dressed in costumes that were covered in black-and-white computer circuitry designs....With coloured light shining through the white areas of their costumes, the resulting characters appeared to glow as if lit from within....optical processes were used to create all of the film's computerized characters..."[1] Frederick S. Clarke reported that Tron: Legacy would "combine live action with Computer-generated imagery (CGI)," adding that "several characters...will be completely digital..."[2]. With all his enemies in one place, the MCP felt a presence on the Mesa outside its core, Tron. Through most of the series, he leads a revolution against Clu 2 and his armies from within the digital realm of The Grid. He was then sent to Argon to deal with the Renegade, Tron sent Beck to captured him, but prove to be too clever. Throughout most of the film, Flynn travels around the digital world, accompanying the eponymous character Tron; but later discovers that as a User, he commands the physical laws of the digital world which empowers him beyond the abilities of an ordinary program. Lora Baines is a research engineer at ENCOM, the ex-girlfriend of Kevin Flynn and then-current girlfriend of Alan Bradley.

Programmed with the command of creating a "perfect system", Clu 2 grew to resent Flynn – particularly, his fondness for the "imperfect", spontaneously-generated Isos, or "isomorphic algorithms". Kevin Flynn is a former employee of the fictional software company ENCOM and the protagonist of the first film. arrives, he calls him the "Renegade".

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He even has a similar closeness with Yori that Gibbs had with her user, Lora Baines. He is played by Peter Jurasik. After a battle between Tron and himself, Tron's Identity Diskcut through Sark's head. Jarvis attempts at every turn to impress Clu 2 and win approval.
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