Villainfan0’s 1998 Spoof Quest For Camelot. They manage to reach the stable and go into the underground tunnel and finally reach the Round Table room where Ruber uses Excalibur (now merged to his hand) to attack an injured Arthur without any mercy, But Kayley saves the king by knocking Ruber out of the window and when Garrett comes up behind Ruber and tries to strike him with his staff, Ruber then slices it and throws him towards Kayley. Living alone (formerly), living with Ayden, Kayley, Being a knight, Gets knighted by King Arthur for his bravery and continues his relationship with Kayley. At first he didn't want Kayley to come with him, but he agrees and begins to blame Ayden for bringing her along later in the forest. A Human's Life (CorneliusandFrannyFan360 Style). He is first seen at Camelot as a stable boy while seeing Kayley's father, Sir Lionel and the other knights arrive at the castle to see King Arthur and Merlin. Garrett : Garrett jedoch will nicht mit nach Camelot gehen, weil er sich für unzulänglich hält. After 10 years, Garrett now lives in the Forbidden Forest with Ayden. He is a blind hermit. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Characters: Kayley • Garrett • Ayden • Devon and Cornwall • Bladebeak • Ruber • Lady Juliana • Sir Lionel • King Arthur • Merlin • The Griffin • Ruber's minions • Rock ogre • King Arthur's Knights, Objects: Excalibur • The Magic Stone • Ruber's Acme potion, Locations: Camelot • England • Juliana's Home • The Forbidden Forest • Dragon Country • Rock Ogre's Cave, Songs: United we Stand • On my Father's Wings • Ruber • The Prayer • I Stand Alone • If I Didn't Have You • Looking Through Your Eyes • I Stand Alone (Reprise). Later, at Dragon Country, Garrett gets a little annoyed by Kayley's continuous talking and when he disappears in the eggshell and brings Kayley in here with him, they encounter Devon and Cornwall an two conjoined dragon, and when they heard dragons in the distance, They ran for their lives. They finally reach the cave and found the scabbard of the sword, They enter the cave and see that the Rock Ogre has gotten Excalibur and uses it as a tooth pick. When they reach the acid lake, Garrett dips his staff in the lake to see if it's safe (according to Devon and Cornwall's opinion), They manage to cross the lake, only for Garrett to have trouble with the floating eggs, and when the dragon bellyflops in the lake, he is sent flying to the shore unharmed.

Garrett changed his mind immediately and Ayden tells him that Devon and Cornwall are finally flying, but they fall in the mud puddle, Garrett then realizes that the only reason that Devon and Cornwall can only fly when they agree on anything and to become friends. Garrett is the deuteragonist of the 1998 film Quest for Camelot, He is voiced by Cary Elwes and his singing voice is provided by Bryan White.. He is first seen at Camelot as a stable boy while seeing Kayley's father, Sir Lionel and the other knights arrive at the castle to see King Arthur and Merlin. He is a Slender young man with fair skin, light brown hair, and blue eyes (later greyish blind eyes after the accident at the stables).

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