Siva (1970–1976) | Rotor | Argson | Parabug | Rotrax | Asquith (seit 1985) | Tippen | In September 1965 a pair of Amphicars crossed the English Channel from France to England, tackling waves that were reported to be 20 feet high and gale force winds in the process. Stafford | Lynx | MCR | Alto (1985–1998) | Als Bausatz wurden sie Amphijeep genannt und bis 2010 verkauft.

Super (1957–1965) | Martyni | Avante | Voodoo | Tushek | Harbron | Scorpion (1979–1981) | Westpole | Search and rescue, no matter the terrain. Réunion de véhicules amphibies en France (Juillet 2019) . Iota | Armstrong Siddeley | Lyonheart | The Amphicruiser is the concept of a vastly experienced Dutch marine engineering company called De Jong Holland. Ultima | ERA | Seaspray | Blackjack | Looking for the Amphicar Amphibious Car of your dreams?

JH | Scamp | Paramount |

Brightwheel |

Turner (1951–1966) | Saxan | Bradford | Peerless | Mosquito (1974–1987) | Stuart Taylor | Speedex |

Aries | PKA | ASD | Taydec | Durow | Hans Trippel became fascinated with the Schwimmwagen and believed fervently that there would be a large market for an amphibious “fun” car in the United States. CRS | DeLorean | MC | KF | Grand Illusions | BSA | Dragonfly (1981–1986) | Auriga | Mirage |

We look forward to hearing your ideas and helping you to create the amphibious car you want! Land Rover | Delkit |

EG | Arash | JBA | Triking | BMA | Lamberti | Jensen | Fleur de Lys | Quantum | Radical | With a love for the quirky, weird, and untold stories of the vehicular world, Aaron currently drives a Subaru Baja. Sagesse | Haldane | Kilo | But, if you feel being able to drive on the water is an essential part of all-terrain, then the WaterCar Panther is the Jeep for you. Carbodies | Razor | Parradine (1987–1991) | Silodrome was founded by Ben back in 2010, in the years since the site has grown to become a world leader in the alternative and vintage motoring sector, with millions of readers around the world and hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. Supersnake | Looking more like a boat with wheels than a car that can float, the Gibbs Humdinga is a tough utility vehicle that can act as a workhorse on both land and water. Seagull | Caburn | Costin (1970–1972) | Tramp | Rodley | Harding | Gozzy | And on rough terrain it is the most reliable 4-wheel drive amphibious vehicle there is. Lucas |

Contact us, Call us +31(0)24 373 0101 or send Autocom |

JPR | Lomax | Grinnall | An amphibious car only knows benefits! Tim Dutton Amphibious Cars ist ein britischer Hersteller von Automobilen. Peregrine | BM | Street Beetle | Maelstrom | Evolution (1993–1999) | Bowler | Encore | Phoenix (1998–1999) | Eliminating the need for wheels, the Soviet Union developed a series of "screw drive" vehicles in the '70s as an exploration into true all-terrain vehicles. Jeffrey | Frenette | Leaping Cats | L & R | Formula 27 | Tripos | Their marketing worked, and the Amphicar 770 sold an impressive (for such a niche vehicle) 3,878 units. Tici | AF (1987–2005) | Bedouin | Kieft | Harrington & King's | Dial | Kyote | Watling | Sterling | Stimulator | EWM | Dreambird | 356 Sports | Amphibious vehicles refer to vehicles that are capable of traveling on land as well as on water. Sem | Alfa | While not too many amphibious cars exist, they are a downright cool sight to behold, and the handful that do exist are thoroughly unique. Strada | Bullock | Daimler | Troll | FES | Invicta (1982–1984) | Despite the price, the Hydra Spyder is a unique looking sports car that doubles as a sports boat for weekend lake trips. Larini | Autobee |

Scootacar | 1994 gründete er das Unternehmen in Littlehampton in der Grafschaft West Sussex und begann mit der Produktion von Automobilen und Kits. RLT | Watford | T 5 | EB | Coram | Peel | Legend | Kustom | Scamp | Gordano | S & J | Teal | GE |

Gratuit et uniquement consacré aux véhicules amphibies, vendez, cherchez des pièces de rechanges, partagez une information ou documentation via nos pages. Connaught (1949–1957) |

Cornish Classic Cars | Railton | Rat | 10 Of The Rarest Cars That Are Actually Affordable, The 10 Best Amphibious Cars Of All Time, Ranked, you get ready to set off for some fun on the water, the handful that do exist are thoroughly unique, The Evolution Of Amphibious Military Vehicles, Ferrari Made A Boat, And It Costs $70,000, the WaterCar Panther costs a base price of $158,000, These Images Prove That Jeeps Are The Best Off-Roaders, recently having been sold at Mecum Auctions, Here Are 10 Hot Hatches That Will Embarrass Sports Cars, These Underrated Sports Cars Are Actually Awesome, 10 Best Convertible Supercars On Sale Today, It Should Be A Criminal Offense To Modify These Classic Trucks, 5 Knowledgeable YouTubers Every Gearhead Should Watch (5 Who Are Nothing But Clickbait), The 10 Coolest Rotary Powered Vehicles (That Aren't From Mazda), 10 Crazy Car Inventions That Never Caught On, 24 Cheap Cars Most People Don't Know Make Perfect Tuners, 5 Cool Cruiser Bikes We Love To Take For A Ride (5 We Wouldn't Touch With A 10-Foot Pole), These Japanese Cars Are Faster Than Any Muscle Car, Ranking The 10 Coolest JDM Car Rims You Can Buy, These Are The 10 Longest-Running Sports Car Nameplates Ever, 10 Photos Of Beaters Modified To Look Like Supercars That Made Us Facepalm, These Are The 10 Coolest Japanese Cars From The 1980s, These Are The 10 Coolest Yenko Camaros Ever Made, 5 Ugliest Ferrari Designs Ever (And 5 Greatest), These Are The Best Performance Cars For Teen Drivers, These Are The Fastest Supercharged Cars Ever Made. Lindy | Melling |

Standard | WSM | Triton | Amphibious Vehicles are one of the most astounding inventions of all time.

Nijverheidsweg 60-62 Wizard | Bell Performance | Rover | Mai 2020 um 15:22 Uhr bearbeitet. Luego | Vulture | Foers | With 9 seats, a top speed of 80 MPH on land, and 30 MPH on water, the Gibbs Humdinga can easily keep up with the capabilities of dedicated on-road and on-water utility vehicles. MR 2 Kits | Beaman | Python | TI | Barrett | Hawk |

Country Volks | The Amphicar you see here is currently residing in France, and it carries a French Carte Grise (a certificate to sail), meaning it can legally be piloted up almost any waterway in the country. Rico | Gaia | Silurian | Renegade (seit 2008) | Cool Car 500 | Sports Car Services | Embeesea | DVT | Carson | Lester-MG | Another amphibious vehicle made by WaterCar, the Panther may be cool, but the Python kicks things up several notches into extreme territory. Er basiert auf dem Suzuki Jimny und hat Allradantrieb. Evolution (2005–2006) | Healey (1946–1954) | Rather than using a traditional boat hull, the Splash' spoiler swings around to act as a hydrofoil. Dunsmore |

Fairlite | Jowett | Dominator | Dutton | Nelco | Delfino | Gill | VW 181 amphibie : Vidéo, Vente, par annonces, de voitures amphibie Panther | Bentley | BAC | GCS | As cool as they are, saltwater made quick work out of the metal body, and many Amphicar 770s crumbled away. Ipi | Altair | Jago | Centaur | Enzo Design |

ARA | Nova | Bristol |

Hoppa | Cyana | Jeeps are downright iconic for one good reason: go anywhere all-terrain capability. On the water though, the Hydra Spyder can carry 4 people at speeds of up to 50 MPH and has some jet-ski like performance. The Incredible Amphibious Cars: 10. Mumford | Allard (1994–1997) | Using an efficient 140 hp motor, the Splash can hit a top speed of around 50 MPH by flying on its water wings. Wasp | Morris | Opperman |

KVA | Shirley | Pell | In the water it sails like a boat. Coldwell | MEV | Ayrespeed | Ogle | Frogeye | Cannon | Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 16. RV |

Tim Dutton-Woolley, der zuvor Dutton Cars betrieb, entwickelte ab 1989 ein Amphibienfahrzeug. Aquarius | AKS | Evanta | Murad | Status | Farbio | Nimbus | Privacy Policy - Terms of Service - Contact Us. Cavallo | Buroche | King | Parallel | Triad | Kestrel (1984–1985) | Adam's | Brooke | Switch from being a driver to a captain by just pushing one button. HGM | While not too many amphibious cars exist, they are a downright cool sight to behold, and the handful that do exist are thoroughly unique. Grantura |

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