Please share in comment section. Please credit my account. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Three months in a row Adobe has charged my credit card for approximately $14 per month however I never signed up for anything personally through them. They're also cancelling my subscription THAT I NEVER ASKED FOR!!! ADOBE *ACROPRO SUBS 800-833-6687 CA Learn how your comment data is processed. They granted a temp refund and put a block on the vender. What is ADOBE-ACROPRO-SUBS-800-833-668? I had been charged $26.96 for years (with different credit card numbers) before I noticed it. Kindly assist in stopping this barbaric and criminal act. It will be reported as fraud. It comes from Myanmar.

I was very persistent and he FINALLY said he'd credit back a month...A MONTH for something I never asked for?!? The second charge is posted on 3/12/15 for $24.12. KICKSTARTERCOM-ROOM-424-7-GRA-9292244943-GB. Read this carefully to recover from. Don’t be afraid, but this is a huge scam. Adobe Acropro Subs 800-833-6687 CA is a 3rd part scam, it's not from Adobe. Good luck to everyone! Please contact me with an answer, before I dispute the charges with my credit card company. Required fields are marked *. It appears the only way to get rid of them is to eliminate &/or change the credit card they are making the charge to. I have two charges on my Bank of America Master Card. ADOBE-ACROPRO-SUBS-800-833-668 charge notice was found Wednesday at 2 in 2008. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. Copyright © 2020 Scam Credit Cards. I could smack someone. I explained to him I've NEVER used this program & never signed up for it. They also would not tell me the email address that was used on the transaction, to protect their customer's privacy. Adobe Document Cloud services, which let you complete essential PDF tasks with the Acrobat Reader mobile app or in your web browser, including storing and sharing files online. I need to know what these charges are for and are they a scam or some kind of fraud. Found the above charges on my bank account without my knowledge. I contacted Adobe Systems (as listed on my online bank statement). I had to have my card stopped and now have to stop by the bank after work to pick up a new one. That address shows up as a business with multiple businesses, (Kelby Media Group, Kelby Training, National Asso of Photoshop Professionals, Matt, and Mac Design Magazine).

I have been charged few times without really using the Adobe, customer service does not help me at all with my issue, they tried to not to assist me with the cancelation of my account, I am going to report the issue, Please cancel my charges immediately! All of this inconvenience! I canceled my card so your can't steal more.

chkcardadobe acropro subs adobe systems; checkcard adobe acropro subs adobe systems; pos debit adobe acropro subs adobe systems Contacted Bank of America and reported it.

ADOBE-ACROPRO-SUBS-800-833-668 has been in the DB for a while, it is the number 16881.

Found $9.99 chg in June 2014 on credit card statement, checked May 2014 same charge, No idea what this is, why it and how it was charged on my card. I will be calling them myself to complain about this "questionable" practice. Later got a response from the BofA fraud dept denying claim based on evidence that my billing address had been verified on the charge. A reverse phone number search indicates that it is from 33 Douglas Rd E., Oldsmar, FL 34677-2922. APL* ITUNES.COM/BILL 866-712-7753 , CA MCI. Talked to Adobe and this is not their charge. I contacted my bank directly and opened a fraud case.

I did not purchase anything. 25.96 charged to my account. I insisted on speaking to a supervisor. I know the time of charge my card was not anywhere near my computer to give your company. EVERYONE BEWARE. I looked up the Adobe Systems Corporate Office info (Olga Sue also suggested the info I found) and agree with Olga Sue that you should call the Corporate Office directly to complain. I also noticed a PENDING charge of $21.39 on my credit card so I called the number shown 800-833-6687. I thought Adobe was a reputable company, but not anymore! Logged into my Adobe account and … He said it was activated in Sept 2017.

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